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Friday, March 27, 2009

That Lamp's a Clarinet!

I can't believe that "Design on a Dime" from HGTV stole my idea. Today, I was blogging, checking the snowfall outside my window and glancing occasionally at the television. Imagine my surprise and annoyance when they feature 'my' lamp in some guy's room makeover.

Have designers been sneaking into my house?
Have they peered into my window?
Are they the anonymous lurkers to my blog?

My fireplace mantel is likely to show up next, I'm sure. They will probably copy my fall crafts and call them their own. Will those thieving designers even stoop to copying our 70s decor???
Are they jealous of my ability to buy fabulous items for only 0ne dollar????

But can they beat this lamp? I found this clarinet at my favorite store: "Not Necessarily New." Guess what I paid for it.
Go on--Guess!
If you guessed one dollar you would be soooo wrong!

Cause I purchased this little beauty for a measly 25 cents. That's right--one quarter! HAH!

And that book it's sitting on? A library discard--free, baby!

The wiring and lamp shade cost quite a bit more than that.

The wiring goes through the back of the case, through a hole in the case and a hole in the book, up to the top where I used Gorilla Glue to hold the whole thing together. By the way, drilling a hole through a thick book causes lots of smoke. Don't confuse the smoke with paper dust. You might think that the white stuff coming from the drill bit deep inside the book is paper leavings but when you discover the bit of blackness indicating the beginning of a fire in the middle of the book, you will thank your lucky stars you did not catch the book on fire, or the drill, or the yard.....

But enough about tool safety--I wasn't wearing goggles, either, if you care.

So, MY lamp was created three years ago. I added the book because it looked awkward sitting by itself on the case and the title fit perfectly. The music above the piano was bought for a song (!) at an auction in a bunch of junk. The frames are from Wal-Mart--about 5 bucks each.

So "Design on a Dime" team--you ain't got nothin' on me and you can steal my ideas but I'll tell the blogging world about it!

Just you wait!

P. S. I love my home but I'm not delusional enough to think that I'm anywhere in league with real designers. Mostly cause I'm cheap! Just so you'll know.


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I love your lamp and the pictures, well I'd never thought to layer them like that. I made my Redman a lamp out of a metal Tonya Bull Dozer for his bedroom a few years ago when he was into trackers and road equipment. He's moved on to Star Wars now...So it is stored somewhere.
I think your room looks alot better than some of that stuff they do on Home makeovers.

Andi said...

Those thieving so and so's!

Sarah Castor said...

YOU ARE CHEAP! lol! But its so fun when you find something cool for the cost of dirt! Which sometimes means "it's yours if you dust if off" haha! I'm so cleaver. I must get it from my mother! (oh no) lol!

Becky said...

I love your music corner! Can you believe this weather - I may not venture outside for days, but I must say, you got up at 6am? Impressive, but at least Wal Mart probably wasn't busy.

Heidi said...

What a neat idea!!!! I have the belief that there are people who peruse the internet looking to steal stuff....like your lamp!! LOL

Marilyn said...

You are soooo much better and I love the way you do things. Especially for me.

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