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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snow Day, Spa Day

Today we are joined by guest bloggers, Raggedy Ann and Sunbonnet Sue. Please make them welcome.

So, Ann, I really didn't expect that when she said 'hot tub' that it was going to be a dishpan on the kitchen counter...But it is nice and warm. Perfect for a snowy day.

Yeah, it's kind of nice to hang out in here without all those other gossipy rag dolls. I get so tired of hearing about whose yarn hair is less fuzzy or who has the starchiest dress. Most of them don't know a thing about being dragged from pillar to post by one arm and most of those dolls wouldn't know a candy heart if it bit them on the.........Ummm, Sue, don't want to embarrass you or anything, but what's up with those blue patches inside your legs--Oh my goodness, are you not stuffed with fluff?

Oh gosh, Ann, I'm so ashamed of my filling--it's not really polyester fiber-fil. I'm... I'm... OK, I'll just say it--I'm stuffed with rags....old dishtowels, strips of slips, and who knows what else. (sob) When that lady made me, she said it wouldn't matter if she used rags--they'd never show under my clothes. But who knew I'd get so dirty. Please, promise not to tell the others. I already get enough flack about my bonnet...

HEY YOU--lady with the camera--get rid of that thing won't you?--can't you see we're bathing in here? What are you gonna do? Post pictures of nekkid rag dolls????

At least no one will recognize me without the bonnet--my face is always hidden in my publicity shots. But everyone will recognize that candy heart, Ann. We're doomed!

In order to get the full rejuvenating spa effect, the masseusse/beautician makes the decision that Raggedy Ann and Sunbonnet Sue must have their filling removed, which will entail removing their arms and legs as well as being disemboweled. They will also need a good long soak to eliminate skin damage and age spots before being restuffed.

Do not be alarmed. This is a common procedure in Rag Doll Rejuvenation.

When Ann's stuffing was removed, a long forgotten music box was discovered inside her. A quick turn of the post with the pliers demonstrated that "Brahm's Lullaby" still played, having survived numerous drops, washings, and storage in plastic containers. It was determined by our technicians that a turning key is all that is necessary for the box to become fully operational once more.

WARNING: The following pictures are quite graphic and not for the weak-stomac
hed individual. Please pause in your scrolling, admire the sleeping cat and allow the children to leave the room.




Forceps please.

While Ann and Sue were soaking, the rest of the Raggedys were undressed and tumbled in the dryer to remove years of dust. Their clothes were soaked in OxyClean to remove yellowing on aprons and bloomers and greasy spots from past tea parties. Raggedys have a very difficult time holding tea and cookies with their mitten shaped hands.

5 fresh and pretty girls look on as the rest wait their turn to be dressed once their clothes are repaired, starched and ironed.

Stay clean--avoid the dryer. It's dangerous--you could lose an arm.

Just hold still, this won't hurt a bit.

You know, little Ann, you could have done with a bit of a nose scrub yourself.

Get off of me, Alice--you guys are always holding me down.

Smiles, Everyone! Say Cheese!

from left to right: Gingerbread Raggedy Ann and Andy; Black-haired Alice in Wonderland; Sunbonnet Sue; Mopsy; Red-haired Alice in Wonderland; Raggedy Ann; Little Raggedy Ann

Hey, Ann--we survived Spa Day. And I have to say, I do feel much better stuffed with fluff--my tummy doesn't feel so lumpy and bumpy! And my legs are so white now!

Well, Sue, my legs definitely are not what they used to be--the white stripes are still a bit dingy, that soaking cleaned me up a lot but I've still got a few holes and tears here and there. I was really glad to get my eye glued back together. It's amazing what you can see with a whole eye! But I don't think I want to repeat that rejuvenating process any time soon. Not even to have my music box replaced. By the way Sue--your bonnet is looking mighty spiffy with that freshly starched brim!

Why thank you, Ann! You're looking pretty spiffy yourself with a whiter apron and new elastic in your bloomers! And don't worry about the age spots and holes. I just think you've been loved almost to death!

No Rag Dolls were hurt in the production of this blog.


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

So cute, what aday at the spa they had...lol...
Nice collection of Raggies you have.

Sarah Castor said...

What a wonderful post! I miss my dolls...

Kara said...

Thanks for the good chuckle this morning...you are so funny!

♥georgie♥ said...

stopping by from colorado ladys blog to say hi...LOVE that Raggedy ann collection!

Andi said...

I need to clean out the girls drawers, but I have a sudden urge to "organize" their Barbies. I'm sure there's some "nekked" ones in their that desperately need properly outfitted and to have their hair done!

Marilyn said...

What wonderful memories, Where did Mopsy come from?

Brenda said...

Those are adorable dolls - lots of stories they'd tell, I'm sure. :) I love the bath! Especially the see-through legs haha.

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