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Friday, April 17, 2009

Fun Last Friday

Last Friday we attended my Father-in-law's fiftieth class reunion. We were the entertainment, and it was kind of fun feeling like the kid when at work I'm bossing (or attempting to!) kids around all the time.

It was one of those perfect spring evenings when I hate, hate, hate living in town. As you can see, in the above picture, there was no wind. Unusual for here! As we drove up the dirt road to the farm where the reunion was held, I knew I was in trouble. The road was lined with white fence, there were BUFFALO in the pasture (just four and a bit mangy looking from shedding but still!) and there were trees and streams and 3 ponds right there, ready to be fished from! Grrrr.--why must I be stuck in town???

The reunion was held in a barn that was set up for gatherings with a kitchen, chuckwagon server, rustic booths and the decor was outrageously fun! The owner was an auction fan and he collected axes and other large scary cutting implements (rock shapers, saws, scythes, etc) potato mashers and pastry blenders--all of which there were literally hundreds hanging from every wall and beam of the barn.

And I can't even begin to list the other amazing variety of stuff that was everywhere!

Elegant plaster animals

Creepy plaster animals...

This cool rusty, dusty camera...

A barbed wire toilet seat!

Oh and a life-sized horse with a life sized German Shepherd. And Victrolas and records of every speed and a jukebox and GI Joes and old pictures of Vici (the town) and a JR Ewing Doll and bed pans and a Mink teddy bear and of course saddles and hundreds of bits (for bridles) and oil lanterns and, and, and, oh my, I've run out of breath!

Molly and Sarah would have had an awesome time with their cameras. I didn't bring mine but luckily I had my trusty camera phone. You know, I didn't care if my phone had a camera or not back when I got it, but I love it, love it, love it! It's so handy for life's unexpected moments!

And I'm so glad I got to share them with you.

P.S. One more story--Les had to go to the restroom so he asked Karen, my cousin's wife, where the men's bathroom was. She pointed toward the outside door and said "Take a quick right." So he went out the door, turned right and wandered down a little scenic, winding pathway, lined with old farm implements and bird feeders till he came to an.....outhouse!

"Hmmm," he thought. "No one else has been in here yet, it's all dusty! Looks like it hasn't been used in years."

So he did what he came to do and returned to the party. He wandered up to his mom who was visiting with Karen. "Where've you been?" Bonnie asked?

"Outside to the bathroom. Looks like it hasn't been used in awhile."

Karen was astounded! "You went outside? To the outhouse?" And she was laughing!

"Yes, isn't that where you told me to go?"

"No! The men's bathroom is just to the right of the door--inside!"

So Les got a real old-timey country experience!


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

LOL...I'll bet who ever happens to look in the old outhouse got a suprise. I love the country, that barn sounded fantastic... oh, I'd loved to have been there with my camera. I'd still be taking pictures. I never go anywhere with out that little part of my hand...lol...

Mandy said...

I am pretty sure I have been to that barn before and it is so cool! I could look at all of those things forever and the way they keep the outside property is awesome as well!

Becky said...

I am laughing out loud at Les :D You know, men have way too easy a time with bodily functions anyway - they should all get to experience the outhouse!

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