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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Meanwhile, Down On the Farm

Remember a week or so ago when I told you about bottle feeding baby calves?

And then, I told you yesterday about going to Kenny's (my father-in-law) class reunion?

Well, in that barn, filled with amazing and horrifying and fun and tacky and, and, and, other stuff, I spotted this:

Man, did we need this back on the farm to feed those bottle calves! The rubber nipple has gotten a bit, well, a lot. ummm, rotten? and has detached itself from the bucket, but read the brand!


How awesome is that!

And no, I'm not sure what that weird red and white thing is sticking out from under the bucket. A rotten rubbery icky, flaky handle of some sort.

Oh wait, I just remembered.

I think the bucket is sitting on top of an old washing machine and that's the handle to the dasher, churner, washer, wringer, clothes cleaning thingy!

Or something............

*Did I tell you I was an English Major? Do you remember that I'm a librarian? Does it show in my wide range of word choices??? I thought so!

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