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Friday, April 24, 2009

Those Supermodels--How Do They Do It?

In front of the camera, models have it all together--always poised and beautiful.

They sit there--in park-like greenery--looking so elegant.

Lounging amid flora and fauna--as cool and as at home as a woodland sprite.....

But hidden in the darkroom, or in the bowels of someone's computer, are those pictures that usually don't see the light of day.

The park-like greenery conceals sharp sticks, stones and thorns.....

The flowers might conceal bees...

or pollen...

Look at the ears on that rabbit--he had no idea delicate supermodels could sneeze like that!

This supermodel's advice? Always be willing to laugh at yourself.

You might as well, someone's going to!


Andi said...

Again I say it....Wack. Oh.

FLO said...

I agree! Those are some good pics! Thanks for the smile today. God Bless you all!

One Last Thought.......

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sweet to the soul and healing to the body.
Proverbs 16: