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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prom Season--Senior year

Can't you just hear the steel guitar and the waves rolling into shore at our tropical prom? No storms this year. Don't we look cheesy? And young. And I've just discovered this week that I've still got basically the same hairstyle. How sad is that? Too bad the brown is fake now!

The guy? That is Les--Nice friend from my class--two nice people with no significant other. My senior prophecy said I was going to run off with Les. And I did. Just not that one. Isn't that ironic!

I wore my Miss Laverne formal wear. Long, ice blue pleated dress with a high waist and a lace ruffle about the shoulders--off the shoulder or on, depending on your mood--if you know what I mean! Nothing remotely like the pageant dresses today--not a sequin or a bead was to be found on any dress in the Miss Laverne pageant.

In fact, I bought this dress downtown, right here in Woodward! That was back when there were bridal shops and fabric stores downtown.

Monday night, Sarah scheduled a photo shoot with me--my first ever! She said I could be on America's Top Model!

What do you think?


Hilary said...

Ha! How fun. Liked your last post too. That's GREAT that you can still wear those!

Andi said...

You are a complete wacko. I'm glad. :p

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