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Friday, May 29, 2009

Because I'm a librarian

I'm a mender. I've fixed unfixable, irreplaceable books, cleaned unmentionable substances from pages and glued, mended, squeezed and laminated spines and covers to preserve the printed word. I've air-dried, freeze-dried and battled mold to hang onto a book for a few more years.

I'm a contortionist. I've crawled under tables, turned over chairs, stood on my head, and climbed tall ladders in pursuit of identity labels or barcodes for inventory.

I'm a bargain hunter. I've never been to a garage sale, a used bookstore, or a Friends of the Library Sale without perusing book titles and wondering how they can be used in the library. I've been known to talk people out of books on their shelves to donate to the library! I've bought multiple copies of popular titles at book fairs and book sales, only to have them permanently 'borrowed' soon after they've been shelved.

I'm a team player. I've supervised classes at a moment's notice, filled in for sick teachers, watched classes so a fellow teacher could go to their child's program and monitored hours and hours of End of Instruction tests so the 'regular' teacher could stay in the classroom.

I'm a compromiser. I've purchased books containing topics or language I don't agree with in order to build bridges with students. I've been an accessory to researching the benefits of medical marijuana, lowering the drinking age and promoting abortion to help students become thinkers and researchers, assisting and encouraging them in forming their own opinions, (all the while pointing out the dangers of risky behaviors) rather than parroting their parents or their peers.

I'm money hungry. I've written grants, requested free books from publishers, researched government programs and to get more books and library materials so students have more free access to information and pleasure reading materials.

I'm pushy. I've cajoled, encouraged and forced students to check out books that stretch their minds and entertain them.

I'm an archaeologist. I've dug through lockers, plumbed the depths of backpacks, plowed through sweatshirts, muddy shoes and rotten food in search of missing library books.

I'm a spammer. I forward websites, content related comic strips, free book downloads, curriculum specific information, and other 'knowledge no one should live without' all gleaned from the numerous newletters, email subscriptions and just sites I've stumbled across to colleagues, friends and family members.

I am:
an information specialist
a book lover
a lifelong learner.

I am:
A Media Specialist
A Librarian
A Book Woman

What ever you call me,
I want you to know:

Knowledge is Power.

Use it.


Ashley said...

I was laughing out loud at all of this b/c it's so true!!!!! I think we are like Librarians at birth!

Hilary said...

Funny. You're so clever. I should write one about being a nurse. Strangely, a lot of your descriptions would apply: mender, contortionist, compromiser, pushy.... but I bet you couldn't put hiney-wiper on yours! I bet you're OK with that too!!! Ha!

WiseWoman said...

I think this is GREAT!! It's funny, insightful, and so true!! I'm forwarding it to OLA--I think they will love it too!!

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