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Friday, May 08, 2009

Things I won't be seeing

School's about out. We must persevere till May 22 and that's how many days away????

Wait, you know I'm not counting!

So I won't be seeing these things again till August. At least not at 7:48 (no, I'm never later than that!).
I probably won't have to sit at a traffic light by a bus!

I'm not gonna have to be annoyed by these lights. Grrr. This light at the corner....I hate it. The turning lane only stays green for about two cars, then turns yellow for one car, then is red. If you're an Indy 500 driver and quick out of the gate and all the cars stay bumper to bumper, it's possible to get five cars through before it's truly red! You do know what color comes after yellow, right? Pink!

Won't be worrying about the lack of gas and getting to school on time!

But really. I need to do my best to continue to get up early enough to see this!


Andi said...

The sunrise is coming earlier, so you will have to get up even earlier! My kids ARE counting down the days!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Oh gheez, we have lights like that around here, I hate them. Isn't the sunrise beautiful...my favorite time of the day.

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