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Monday, May 04, 2009

Seriously, I Think I Need An Intervention--Or Not!

I love to read blogs.
I like to cook. I hate to clean up.

I love deserts.
Vegetables are wasted food products and stomach space.
I've lost weight. I'm afraid I'll gain it back.

I read about these delicious cinnamon streusel biscuits on the Chickens in the Road blog. So I made them for Sunday breakfast. I'm trying not to clean them up myself. It's difficult. This picture is bad--it doesn't do justice to the moist, sweet biscuit...the toasted, roasted pecans...the crunchy, buttery topping.....

My parents and grandma came for Sunday Dinner. Les put a roast on before we went to church and I made hot rolls, mashed potatoes, gravy, home-canned green beans (Thank you Tim Springer!) and candied carrots. And for dessert, Sarah made brownies-- she added 1/2 bag of Ghirardelli chocolate chips and a bunch of pecans. This is what is left. One little lonely corner square....I love the corners.....

Tonight, we had a faculty dinner at school. Everyone was to bring a dessert. I made this Lemon cake (also from Chickens in the Road). When everyone brings a dessert, there's a good chance you will get to bring at least part of yours home! woohoo!

Please forgive these poor pictures--there is a puddle of lemon glaze in the bottom of this plate that makes you want to swipe it with your finger and keep licking till it's gone!

Do you think that drinking SKIM milk with my biscuit/brownie/lemon cake snack will help?????

Oh Dear--all this dessert in one weekend.......

At least I'll die happy!


Dwayne D said...

Ok, if I fly into OKC, can you meet me with the desserts and some coffee? I'll eat them and get on the next flight back. :D

Andi said...

I have been trying to resist making Ginger's cinnamon rolls. This post may have kicked me over the edge.

One Last Thought.......

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sweet to the soul and healing to the body.
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