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Monday, May 11, 2009

A Tornado and VBS

One and the same don't you think! Ha! Just kidding. Not!

First off, go visit this site and read about getting tricked into volunteering (or not) for VBS! I love "Stuff Christians Like." It is usually funny and always thought provoking!

Now for the Tornado! My beloved brother-in-law, Brad is a storm chaser among many other things. You name it and he can probably do it! He lives life to the fullest, that's for sure! He's a great husband and a terrific dad to my two wild and woolly nephews--They can think of all sorts of shenanigans--but he's done it first!

There's an interesting story my sister tells about his boyhood involving flames, a bow and a burning school, or broken windows or something. I need her to guest blog sometime and share that story.

She has amazing stories--she needs a blog but she claims that with church, teaching, kids sports and being married to a storm chaser, as well as dealing with the various characters her boys are likely to be at any given moment, she doesn't have time to blog! Pshaw, I say! She likes to sleep at night. Silly her!

So, now here's the tornado (finally!) Brad is videoing it and talking on the phone to (hopefully!) my sister! He is wound up and the Texas accent is going strong!


Kara said...

Wow what a video! The boys loved it so much, we had to watch it several times! I can't believe he is right there...WOW!

Marilyn said...

Wasn't that exciting. Yea, the professor should do a blog so she could defend herself.

Anonymous said...

Of course he was talking to his bride you crazy lady. And regarding the blog...lets just say we are praying because change is coming on the advising side of my position and should that happen, there will be a blog in my future.
Love ya

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