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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Putting Things in Order

It's the end of the school year, filled with end-of-school-year things to do.

The Prom is over. End of Instruction testing is over (that took almost three weeks, thank you very much Congress, No Child Left Behind, state mandates....grrrr).

We've had Academic Letterman awards, School wide awards assemblies and among all those activities, I've been working on cleaning and inventory.

To begin with, a library inventory seems to be a daunting task. Well over 10,000 items must be picked up or shifted and scanned. Equipment has to be cleaned and covered. Books and materials are being returned from students and teachers and my shelves are filling up.

I must confess though--it is a very gratifying task! I re-discover forgotten books to use in next year's teaching units. I discard worn out and outdated books (Miracles of Modern Man--1967?). I happen across old favorites and spend a bit of time perusing the pages.

But my favorite thing--the most satisfying thing--is seeing all the books come home. Admiring all the volumes of series novels on the shelf, in order, makes my heart do a little happy dance! There's just something about seeing all those "Twilight" series books lined up before dark. I love seeing all of Gary Paulsen's adventure books return home from their adventures. It thrills me when the last and supposedly lost copy of "The Lost Boy" has been re-shelved.

I've told you about my organizational penchant before. I guess I was meant to be a librarian. I like things catalogued and accounted for!

Addendum: And I hate it when things don't come back but I just try to avoid thinking about--the same way I deal with other unpleasantness.
Like--I just checked out a book to a kid (who appeared to need it if you know what I mean). Why were his hands so sweaty and stick and what will the books look like if and when they return......


Becky said...

But how crazy does it drive you when some of those books NEVER RETURN to their shelves...

Angie said...

Good luck with your end of the year projects.

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