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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

That weightless effect

I've moaned, groaned, complained and joked about the miserable time I've had for the past year sleeping.

I've discovered the remedy perhaps.

Go on a cruise!

I slept wonderfully every night, rocked to sleep by the ocean waves.

No sore muscles.

No headaches during the day.

Was it the motion of the boat? The weightless feeling you have in the water (!)? The continual service from your room stewards, wait staff and roving ship employee?
All I know is, that it took two cups of coffee, two cokes and a pain pill to get rid of my headache today.

But I guess that will be cheaper than going on another cruise.

And pound wise I can't afford to go on another one, either.
I will conclude this post with a picture of 'my' whale. I was the only one freezing to death on the promenade deck when he swam by quite close to the ship. Course, this is the only view I got--a dark back, a bit of tale and this spout.
But you have to admit, it is a lovely spout!


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Maybe I need to take DH on a Cruise, maybe it will help his headache....How wonderful to get to even see a whale.

Hilary said...

Glad you got some good sleep and headache relief, sorry it didn't continue. Thanks for sharing your cruise pics, I've enjoyed looking at them all. Enjoy your summer vacation!

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