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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ah, the irony!

This morning Sarah did a photo shoot for a friend for an album he is recording. He wanted a rainy, gray sky effect, so she thought the best thing would be to get up really early and use sprayers attached to water hoses to achieve the look he wanted.

Really early. As in dark thirty.

As in 5:15 because the sun rises at 6:00.

A. M.

And she needed some assistants. Free if possible.

So she called on good old mom and dad and enlisted Jake to supply the site and water source.

At 5:45, there we were, in a pasture near Jake's house, waiting for the sun to rise and walking through wet grass to the photo site. Where we waited and she fiddled with her camera.

And took some pictures and fiddled with her camera some more and changed the settings and flash and set up reflectors and moved ladders and a chair around.

And we stood around in the chill of the early morning air, feeling the dew seep into our socks and watching the sky turn pink. Our heat wave has turned into a summer cold snap so it was only 65 degrees as opposed to 85 like it's been most sunrises lately.

Then Les and I climbed on the ladders with our fake rain makers and Jake turned on the water and poor Jeremiah (the singer, not the bullfrog) was sprinkled, splashed and drenched through out the shooting of a hundred or so photos.

And the sun came up and we went to breakfast.

And then at 9:30, it rained...


Shasta said...

hahaha! I'm sure she got a better effect the way she did it! Very creative!!!

Heidi said...

OH PLEASE send that rain up here - we're a dying quick!! its been really cool here for over a month now - but I like it that way.. :) the patio looks GREAT!!

Roslyn said...

Too funny... & then it rained-after all that!

Roslyn said...

Too funny... & then it rained-after all that!

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