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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Farmer's Market

Today my mom came to town for an appointment and of course she came by. She wanted to tell Molly goodbye since next week she (Molly) heads to Romania for a couple of weeks.

We had a lunch of leftover Pizza, salad and Blueberry Boy Bait. If you're interested in that recipe, visit Smitten Kitchen. It is a yummy cake with blueberries and butter and what could be better than that?! I bought 4 boxes of fresh blueberries awhile back because they were only 98 cents each! I've been eating them in oatmeal in the mornings and then this recipe was too inviting not to try!

Doesn't it have an interesting name? It was a Pillsbury bake-off recipe in 1954, submitted by a 15-year-old girl in the junior division and named, she said, for the effect it had on boys! Try it! It's delicious!

After lunch, we headed downtown. The Farmer's Market was to open at 2:00 and Mom had heard there would be plenty of tomatoes!

We arrived at 1:45--early, I thought. Silly me! When home-grown tomatoes are advertised, the whole town's gonna show up!

Creekwood Farms was doing a roaring trade already and we took our place at the back of a long line. In the sun. It was 99 degrees.

You know I'm lovin' it. (sarcastic statement there in case you're wondering)

We peered over shoulders, craned our necks and stood on tiptoe, trying to see the ripe red fruit (vegetable, whatever!) we had come for.

We saw:
roastingearsdillsagechowchowburnyourgulletsalsastrawberryjellyplumjelly and pickles
all displayed in an inviting fashion, and stretched the length of several long tables.

But no tomatoes.

"Are there no tomatoes?" Mom plaintively asked? Okay, maybe not plaintively, certainly not patiently and definitely not cool-ly but ummm, ok, disappointedly. How's that?

And a little lady a few steps up (under the blessed, longed for shade) said, "yes, in the boxes."

And so we bought some. Eventually.

And the day was good.


Andi said...

Did it smell wonderful? I used to go to a produce store to buy produce in Arlington...I bought so much just because everything smelled so fresh and delish!

Shasta said...

We have a great farmer's market that run's every Saturday during the Summer and one the is open year round. We have a favorite vendor we go to he sells tomatoes 10 for $5 dollars. He also sells peaches for the same. Actually all of the produce he sells is the cheapest and it lasts too. I love when the farmer's market comes to town especially our favorite vendor.

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