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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And What Else Would It Be?

So I was making home made ice cream again this past Sunday afternoon. We were having an Ice Cream Social after church. (Have I told you I love Home made Ice Cream? Especially when the temperature is somewhere above 100 degrees!?!)

And I'm adding ice and salt and ice and salt and ice...well, I'm sure you understand the layering process for optimum ice cream freezing! :)

And I spy this bizarre label: Pure Ice.

Why do I need to know this? Why can't I assume that it is pure ice? What else might it be? Might there be rocks or penguin parts or a tiny baby mammoth or some other arctic creature packed by mistake in this bag?

If the bag that I purchase from an "Ice" Freezer at the grocery store doesn't say "pure ice" on it, should I alert the FDA? Do they even regulate the ice we purchase? Can they? Could they? Should they?

Do I need to start reading Ice labels? How do I know it is a product of the USA? Or is it frozen in Thailand of US components? Or perhaps manufactured in Louisville, Kentucky, but with water shipped from overseas?

I guess I'm just going to have to save my milk cartons and freeze my own to ensure the integrity of the ice I use in my ice cream freezer!

But I think that Les is gonna hate smashing it up with a hammer on the back porch......


Andi said...

Umm, yeah, I think he will too.....

And thanks for another label I will feel compelled to read....

Shasta said...

hehe. You are a hoot!! I love reading your blog it always brings a smile to my face!! You really should think about writing a book. And if you could mail some of that homemade ice cream this way, I'd greatly appreciate it. I think that will be my next investment. My friends who are watching their wastelines already don't like me so what they hey I'll give them another reason. Of course, I get to say the baby really wanted homemade ice cream. hehe!

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