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Monday, July 13, 2009

It's cooling off!

This is the temperature today July 13, 2009 at 9:30 at night.

I've been too tired to blog. Too tired to do anything but weakly reach my hand towards the computer and use the mouse pad.

Too tired and too hot. Why? Because Tuesday night we are having the senior adults from church as guests at our house for a cook out. We love doing it, it's great fun, but it is a lot of work. And Les has a mysterious ability for choosing the hottest days of the year to schedule the cookout.

We have been working in our yard a bit to get it presentable for outdoor festivities. Having company for a cookout gets us moving on those projects we've been wanting/needing to do, but have put off . Since it's supposed to be so hot, I am planning on setting up tables in the house and Les can grill outside. So I'm cleaning house (you know how one thing leads to another). But if I only clean the house and don't worry about the yard, the cool front will come in a day early and everyone will want to sit outside and view the pond and listen to the waterfall. And slap mosquitoes! And I'd rather they admire the pond than look at the johnson grass taking over the flower beds.

By the way, my flowers aren't blooming very well yet. What's up with that?

I really haven't done much beyond pull weeds last week when the temperatures were below 100. Friday we bought some mulch to put around the garden path and in the flower beds.

Mulching is not a hard job. Pulling out the dead grass (Thank you Roundup!) before you put it down is. Did you know you can work outside until 1:30 in the afternoon and never realize that it is 106 degrees until you come in! Gah! I'm so glad I didn't look at a thermometer on the porch!

And Les got a wild hair (hare?) and has painted the cement drive on the North side of the house to look like brick. It looks great, but I wasn't gonna help him in the heat! I'm just selfish like that. But he wasn't helping me pull any weeds either!

The good thing about working outside in the heat--it takes the place of exercise, which I hate. (perhaps I've said that before?) I've lost 4 pounds since last Wednesday--hope it stays off!

And I've got a tan line! Look! Look at my wrist!

See there, right in the middle where there aren't any freckles? That's a white girl tan line!

Or is it a dirt streak?

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Connie said...

Dawn--I just love reading your blog! I never know what topic you will cover--sometimes I don't even know why you decided to focus on a particular topic! And I guess that is why I enjoy it so much--the surprise factor! You have a gift--thank you for sharing it! Connie

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