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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Andi, Me, April and Rechelle

Last night, for Les' birthday, we went to eat with my parents and my sister's family here in the big city where we are attending a music conference.

We had a long wait for a table for eight, then were seated in two booths, then a long wait for (supposed to be hot) cold food. And my raspberry tea was yucky. Needless to say, the restaurant shall remain nameless and we will not be going back and we will be filling out comment cards.

But the good thing was, we had a long time for conversation! Some chips and salsa would have been a great accompaniment to that conversation while we waited but oh well.

I found out that my sister and her husband have decided to try living on a cash basis, via Dave Ramsey. I read his column in our denominational newspaper and have read lots about him in April's getting out of debt stories on her blog at Coal Creek Farm.

Basically, you figure out where your money is going and put cash in envelopes labeled with where it may be spent--groceries, bills, clothes, entertainment, etc. Then when the envelope is empty, you may not spend any more money on that item. No robbing one envelope for the other!

It sounds like a good plan! My sister's family is not in a poor financial position. They just want to save more and be more conservative with their money.

Well, earlier this week, Andi and I were talking about our good friends April and her sister Rechelle and laughing at ourselves because we were discussing them as if we actually know them! You can read Andi's post about that conversation here. And of course we are like these virtual (both computer and basically) strangers in every way!

We both blog! Just like April and Rechelle!

We have amazing stories to tell! Just like April and Rechelle!

We have a family laugh! Just like April and Rechelle!

We are sisters and wives and daughters and mothers and gardeners and cooks!

Just. Like. April. And. Rechelle!


If Andi is following the financial advice like Dave Ramsey--just like April....

then it only stands to reason that I must do something just like Rechelle....

And right now she is in EUROPE!

I can hardly wait!

Because I can't let Andi do the Dave Ramsey thing and me not do the Europe thing.



Kara said...

You are totally right...Europe, here you come :)

Andi said...


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your point..
Getting a Payday advance is just a few steps away

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