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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Just Wear the Hat!

So I've messed around the last few days, revamping the blog look and reading more random strangers news and trying to think of something to write. Our camera quit working awhile back and I've been unable to take any bizarre pictures to post. I'm not in the mood to make a decision about which camera to buy that will be outdated and 100 dollars cheaper next month, so I'm camera-less for the moment.

BUT, If I had a camera, I could show you:
--The great tree massacre/travesty that has been committed around our fair city in the name of trimming them from highline wires. Yes. They need trimmed, but do they need to be rendered hideous and ugly? Where's the aesthetics?


--The kennel that Daisy, world's most spoiled dog, is now in because she has persisted on pooping and wetting on the carpet in the last week. She was hyperventilating last night from being in there and Les, the spoiler of the dog, actually said he just was wishing she would die of a heart attack and get it over with. 'Course this was at 11:30 and he was a wee bit tired...

But since I don't have a camera, so I will share this blast from my ugly past with you:

I used to be such a dork. Yes, even more than I am now. I didn't want to look dorky in a picture so I put on my belligerent and whiny-teenagerish look instead and ended up looking even worse!

Once upon a time, in 1976 as a matter of fact, the year the United States celebrated it's bi-centennial, my cousin Diane and I went to visit our grandparents. I'm sure we went swimming and went to the Dairy Kreme and walked to the park.

And my grandma wanted pictures. And for some reason she wanted pictures in a hat.

A large hat.

A sombrero type hat. Without the cute embroidery.

And surprisingly enough, Diane and I were reluctant to wear it. In my amazingly mature 12 year old mind, I just knew that if I put that hat on my head, that it would be a terrible picture and I would be embarrassed in later years that I had been pressured into wearing the hat. And someone might see the picture. Like my future husband who thought I had looked effortlessly gorgeous (as I was sure I eventually would, cause really, I couldn't get much worse) all my life!

So here's a picture of us compromising by holding the hat. I do not look more grown up, or sophisticated in those giant tinted glasses with my initial and a butterfly on them than if I were wearing the hat.

Now somewhere, around this house, I actually do have a picture of me actually wearing the hat, looking truly ugly and squinty eyed. It is in the photo album where I also have a picture my mom took to enter into the 'Meet Shawn Cassidy' (or was it Donny Osmond?) contest where I was supposed to smile winningly and charmingly. I looked for it. I really did! Maybe you will be lucky and I will find them and post them later! Or not!

Because in spite of the fact that I didn't want the world to ever see these horrible pictures of my twelve-year-old self again, I am now, at my mature age, willing to post them on my widely read blog (insert eye roll here) for the whole world to see!

Because I've learned something that my dorky younger self did not know.

My grandma evidently knew this.

My daughter knows it!

If you just put the hat on, for heavens sakes, and have fun with it, it doesn't matter how you look!

I'm so glad I never have to be twelve (or 15 or 17 or even 20) again!

But if I could just have that twenty year old body back.........


Sarah Castor said...


Shelley said...

You are so brave to put those pictures up on the internet. I admire you. I think I would be far to much of a dork to put my pictures up for the world to see. So I guess that makes me a bit more of a dork than you. Haha!

Dawn said...

Ah, but you see if you embrace the dorkiness--become one with it--it is no longer pathetic. I hope!

Anonymous said...

Gee and to think I actually use to enjoy your blog. No More! LOL Aren't those pictures horrible. Thanks cuz..

Dawn said...
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Dwayne D said...

Great stuff Dawn, I actually have (had, Shasta has it now) that same "Invisible Friend" T-Shirt.

Marilyn said...

Older and wiser. Yo see it really doesn't matter what you did or wore when you were twelve. No one remembers until you post it on the internet.

Coveredwithjoy said...

I saw your comment at the Mennobrarian, so I popped by.

Aaw, we suffered from the tree massacre when we lived in Omaha. I know exactly what you are talking about. We now live in the boonies, so this is less likely to happen. If we need trimming by our wire, my husband does it. I don't know what they do by the roads, if they even tend to them.

I take crazy pictures for blogging purposes, too. :)

God bless,

Connie Wise said...

Love your updated look--photo, signature! I still love the earlier photo (dawn--sun rising) as well. Need to get with you to have you help me put my blog into a 3 column format. Thanks for adding me to your blog lists! :) Connie

Anonymous said...

These pictures are not that much horrible..
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