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Monday, July 06, 2009

What I Did Today....

I catalogued, stamped, taped, glued and processed 37 new books for the Church Library!

I'll bet you can hardly wait to read them!

I love choosing books for the Church Library but it takes me awhile to get them catalogued and ready for everyone else. I bought "Multiple Bles8ings," about the Gosselin family (John and Kate) months ago. Sadly, it was finally ready for the shelf right when all the trouble began to hit the tabloids. I guess I'm going to have to work harder to get those books out before they old (or bad!) news!
p.s. Thanks Janice for letting me borrow your camera!


Andi said...

What I did today: Went to the grocery store, took a nap, laundry. It was a great day as far as I was concerned!

Keetha Broyles said...

I LOVE reading books from our church library.

I LOVE reading books from our city library.

I LOVE reading books.

Just as long as they are GOOD 'ens.

kpool said...

You should write a book yourself. You use such fabulous details when you write about things. I am pretty sure you are my favorite blog author! You can tell a superb story,even when its about finding s/p shakers! Keep it up!

Dawn said...

Thanks for the kind comments!

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