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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The First Day of School

Please remember that I have no camera and am also brain dead. We were going to buy a new camera, but fixed the bathroom instead! I'm afraid there's nothing I can do about my brain!

You're about to enter the Twilight Zone of the Nineteen Seventies! I've been thinking about what to wear Monday for the first day of In-Service (spelled b-o-r-i-n-g) and since I have no camera to document current wardrobe choices (you are welcome!), I found these pictures to share instead.

Remember your first day of school? You had to sleep on those little pink sponge rollers so you could have curly hair the next day. Remember those? My mom would say, "It will be just like sleeping on a soft pillow. Just like sleeping on a cloud."

Ummm, no. I think I pulled them out one by one throughout the night and dropped them on the floor, resulting in a lopsided curly head of hair--one side flat and slightly curled; the other side puffy and way too curly! You young whippersnappers don't realize what it was like in the days before curling irons!

Please notice the similarities in the above photos--bag/sack, dress, ankle socks!

I'm not sure which of the two on the left is the first grade picture. But you will see that I am carrying a brown paper sack--probably containing a Big Chief Tablet, Husky Pencils, Lefty Scissors and a 24 count box of Crayola Crayons. That really is a genuine TG&Y sack in the first picture!

How well I remember the daisy tote bag in the 3rd photo! It was for fourth grade! I had a new shag haircut (not a mullet, you silly!) and this awesome tote bag that contained a matching three ring binder! And my dress--it was almost as if I had something to put in the top of it! I loved that dress. I don't remember what exactly the pattern was in the bodice but it was some kind of toile-like scene where I could imagine myself in another world.

Wonder if it would help me to buy some clothes that will help me imagine myself in another world Monday?????


Wayne said...

Nope, I think you were ahead of the trend, and that's a mullet.

Andi said...

I love that you're not like me: too lazy to scan pics and upload them! I love them!

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