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Thursday, August 27, 2009

If the Phone Rings After Midnight......

it must be Sarah, the college age daughter who vowed she was going to bed early this year so she could be well-rested and productive and on top of things.

12 something am. Mother and Father are fast asleep in their beds. The phone rings. Mother leaps from the bed searching frantically in the dark for the cell phone that she had stupidly placed on her dresser instead of leaving it in her purse where she wouldn't hear it.

Mother: (groggily) Hello?

Father: Mmmph.

Sarah: (in a chipper, excited voice) Hey, it's a monsoon here and crazy and we don't have electricity so if you happen to be watching the tv and see any tornadic activity will you call me?

Mother: (groggily) huh? We aren't watching tv. We are sleeping.

Sarah: (perkily) Oh wow, it's late isn't it? I'm sorry. I'd better let you go.

Mother: Sok. Bye. Love you.

Sarah: Bye. Love you.

Mother stumbles back to bed wondering what just happened and why she has the phone clutched in her hand.

Father: (sleepily) whozat?

Mother: YOUR daughter thinking we might be watching tv.

Eyes close. Curtain falls. Silence reigns.

Poor Sarah. Such loving, concerned parents.

She's gonna have to sign up for that doppler phone service!


Andi said...

It rained at our house at 10pm! It blew the siding off of the neighbors house. Poor Sarah, no compassion from her parents...

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh this is sooooo true! And they are sooooo clueless about how our hearts JUMP up into our mouths and then fall with a crash at our feet in DREAD AND FEAR when that phone RINGS at that ungodly hour!

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