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Monday, August 24, 2009

What I Really Want

Besides World Peace that is.

Have you started your Christmas list yet? Remember when you were a kid and the Penneys and Wards and Sears catalogs came in the mail and you eagerly marked the things you wanted? Our poor catalogs were dog-eared and worn long before Christmas came!

I have a confession.

You might be surprised but I browse the internet. Alot. In between my charitable acts, librarian-ing, hostessing and being a Proverbs 31 woman.....

So anyway, kidding aside, I have found something I REALLY want for Christmas. Now if you are buying me a present. remember it is several months before Christmas and I might change my mind before then.

Have you ever read Uncle Wiggily Stories? (no, this is not an ADD post, it does all come together in the end!) Uncle Wiggily is a gentleman rabbit who suffers from Rheumatism and everywhere he goes, he uses his candy-striped walking cane. I know you're dying to read these stories for your self so here is a link at Project Gutenburg with full text. Go read them here!

One of my favorite stories is when Uncle Wiggily has to go out in the dark and rain for some reason--I believe it was to find his niece or nephew who were lost. And what do you think Uncle Wiggily carried to find his way in the storm????

A jar of fireflies.

How cool is that?

I always wanted a jar of fireflies to light my way! I always wanted to go walking at night in the dark, in the rain, looking for a a lost person using a jar of fireflies as a lamp.

Well, not really. I mean, sure, I'd love to be a hero and all, but if I were walking at night in the rain, I might be struck by lightning and I'd definitely get wet and my shoes would be muddy, and I'm betting that no one around here is hiding in a hollow tree like they did in the Uncle Wiggily books. But I was thinking that if I did have to do that--be a hero-- since I usually don't even know where a flashlight is or if it has batteries, surely a jar of fireflies would be a much better solution!

So, what do you think I found while traveling the world via my laptop????

A jar of fireflies for sale!

And now you know what I want for Christmas!

If I could only find where I found this jar......That's my usual dilemma you know--I read something somewhere about this or that and if I could just find it again.....

So, happy hunting for my Christmas Present!

Uncle Wiggily Stories

By the way Mom, I schedule these posts--I'm really not staying up this late!


Shasta said...

Here's the link to this one on Amazon but they are out of stock and may not come back into stock.


They have another one on there as well.


Andi said...

What a good friend to find a link for you! Is Shasta a librarian too?

How funny that you're still defending your bedtime to our mom!

How funny that you are thinking about Christmas in August too!

I don't remember Uncle Wiggily at all!

Keet said...

Hey. Shasta sent me a link to your blog because she knew I would love it and she was right. :) This morning I am in a state of worry for my oldest son & financial struggles he is having as he tries to put himself thru college. When he was a little boy he & his sister caught a BUNCH of fieflies & thn I let them set them loose in his bedroom. It was a magical night that they have never forgotten. So I believe that your blog post is a definite sign that Devan WILL have his path lit & will find his way out, and have a story to tell about God's grace. Thank you.

Marilyn said...

I am glad that you loved Uncle Wiggley. I too loved him and he was the who my first grade teacher often read about many, many years ago. Hey, she was my mom's first grade teacher too. I wonder if she read them to grandmama. Good things are forever. You can stay up as late as you want to...you always did. What a great idea about turning the fireflies loose in the room Keet. sounds so fun!!!

the Provident Woman said...

I want a jar of fireflies.

Dawn said...

Wow--That comment from Keet! I wrote part of this post a year ago, but never got around to finishing it and now I see why! God is so good! And how cool to set fireflies loose in a bedroom--I love it!

Barb said...

Dawn, This is so cute! You have a wonderful writing gift.

I know what you mean about not finding something you saw. I travel around here so much, i cannot find anything when i want it.
Even if i write it down, i can't find it!!

Blessings on your day.

barbara jean

PS Thanks for coming by. =0)

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