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Friday, August 21, 2009

My Newest Love!

Oh. My. Goodness.

I've discovered a store that I love almost as much as a Hardware Store! STAPLES!

Sarah wanted a new message board so we went in there 'real quick' to get one. I was expecting to be bored, thinking it was like 'Best Buy.'

Silly me.

There were bins of Binder Clips! I love Binder Clips! There were in all shapes and colors and sizes with awesome patterns and I love binder clips! You'd be proud of me. I chose the ones in the clearance bin! They are green and lavender and turquoise with that fun little wall-papery design.

Push pins--who knew there were so, so, so, many kinds of push pins. I don't have a bulletin board. Molly doesn't have a bulletin board. Neither do Sarah or Les. But I had to buy a package of World Landmark pushpins with the Sphinx, Eiffel Tower, Easter Island Head, Big Ben and The Statue of Liberty!

Paper Clips--Not just your ordinary silver paperclip (trombones--there's fun in the name!)--There were bins and boxes and packages of Paperclips in every color and shape you can imagine! I picked the ones that look like old typewriter keys.

Oh my word--I never imagined the wealth of journals--I got out of there really fast. That aisle could pull me into some serious spending. I love journals. I love the covers. I love it when there is a little pocket to put your Orient Express train ticket stubs in as you journal your European trip. I love the feel of the thick paper. I love the possibilities presented by all those blank pages. I am intimidated by all those blank pages so I never write in them because I might mess them up......But they look so neat on my book shelves!

Post-it notes--Seriously--Post-it flags with a cute little fleur de lis (or something like that) on them. Molly will love them.....Oh and monogrammed Post-its with an 'M' for Molly of course!

Cute little mechanical pencils, spiral notebooks with a cover that looks like flocked wall paper, stretchy textbook covers, lunch boxes, trash cans, yummy looking erasers in candy colors, rulers, cardboard totes, breakroom snacks, a lucite desk, a polka-dot desk chair. The Easy button.

Well, really, I didn't buy it all. I just wanted too!


Andi said...

Sounds fun! See what I miss by never browsing through stores?

Keetha Broyles said...

Staples is THE BOMB!!!

Kara said...

I am going to pretend I didn't read this...staples is a dirty word in our house :)

Hilary said...

I LOVE that store too. I think I should have been a teacher (just for the supplies-not the kids. J/K). When I was about 5 I asked for a clip-board for Christmas. I wanted one of those brown real kind, not a toy hello kitty one or something like that- but the real deal. I stll love that kind of stuff. New pens, and notebooks. Oh, I want to go now.

Dawn said...

I"m sorry Kara, but do you guys have push pins shaped like the sphinx, etc? if so, I'm gonna come get some more! Cause you can never have enough of what you love but certainly don't need!

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