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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I thought they said Supermodel...

Some days I just want to leave the dishes and the laundry for someone else to do, but no one else comes along--because I am the mom!

Do you have those moments? When you are waiting around for the real person in charge to come along and suddenly realize the you ARE that person?

When we bought our first car, when we bought our first house, Les and I waited for the grownups to tell us what to do. Then we realized--that was us!

When we brought Sarah home from the hospital, we thought we were ready to be grownups. We had waited for 9 long months for her arrival. We had a nursery put together. We had clothes. We had diapers. We had knowledge. We had college degrees for heaven's sake! We knew what we were getting into.

We thought.

And there we were with this little baby for 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the rest of our lives and I'd find myself wondering when the 'real' mother was going to show up. Then I'd realize that the 'real' mother was me!

I've put off making decisions when the girls asked permission to do stuff, then realized there was no sense putting it off. I was the mother, I had to decide!

Wow. I don't think I'm ever going to fully realize that. No sense in waiting for the yard to be mowed, the house to be cleaned, the laundry to be done, the dishes to be washed, the meal to be cooked. No one else is going to come along! I'm the mother. I'm the mother 24/7 for the rest of my life!

When my nephews and niece were small, my sister-in-law, Crystal, was getting on to them for not listening and obeying their mother. After a lengthy lecture, Bobbi who was about two then, said, "Oh. YOU'RE the mother!"

Maybe that's my problem. No one ever told me that!

No one ever told me I was in charge of the dog poo, the spilled milk, the messy bathrooms and the cooking. The pet hair, the homework, the school notes and the club fees. Oh sure, somewhere along the way, it was inferred, but not spelled out.

Yes, I knew messy bathrooms was on the list, but not spilled nail polish all over the bathtub! And of course I knew about the cooking--just not the fact that there are many meals that no one is in the 'mood' for what I just cooked. And the pet hair--the never ending battle of the hair left behind by the pets that I helped choose.

I do know that no one told me that my allowance was going toward school dues, not shoes. For me, please--let's make that clear!

I really didn't think I was going to be a supermodel. I'm not supermom for sure.

Just mom. And that's enough.

In spite of the full dishwasher. And the clothes that need folded. And the dog that needs fed......

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Andi said...

Of COURSE you're a super mom! And look at you photo shopping yourself to super model status! Neat!

Becky said...

I think you should write a book, you have such amazing insights... Of course, if they told us all of those things, there might not be so many mothers. :)

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