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Monday, September 14, 2009

School Picture Hair!

School pictures are this week at the high school, and it got me to thinking about past school pictures and the never-ending drama surrounding them! Remember when you were in grade school and it was so exciting to share your picture with your friends?

I vividly remember the day my first grade pictures came in (bottom left). I was the only one in our class of seven who had younger siblings and so I got to take home, not only my pictures, but those of Paula, age 3, and David, an infant! I kept going up to Mrs. Hoover's desk at nap time to get another look at the pictures! (Have I told you I hate naps?) I had no problem conjuring up reasons to get off my pallet and visit with the teacher!

In second grade (upper left), I had a more boufant hair style! My mom operated a beauty shop out of a remodeled two room house next to ours and besides Mom having experience in styling hair, there was a vast array of barrettes to choose from. One was a figure eight shaped and I really wanted to wear it--beings I was eight and all--but I think it was for ladies with wiglets!

Wonder why I never showed my teeth in these pictures! The two bigger pictures are preschool age. And two red outfits and two yellow! How matchy-matchy! I definitely know the yellow second grade outfit was made by my mom (with love). The buttons on each of the scallops always made me think of candy. Mom had cards of these buttons in several colors in her button box. They were the color and texture of Smarties and round like a berry. I'm pretty sure I nibbled on them a time or too!

Stay tuned for more exciting seventies school pictures!


Andi said...

You look like Molly...Or Mindy...Or I guess they actually look like you!

Becky said...

How cute are you?! My first and second grade pictures are black and white, man I am old!

Keetha Broyles said...

I have "twin" pictures to those here!!! Except my hair was never that curly - - - but I had the whole bangs thing going on too.

Hilary said...

CUTE! Isn't it amazing the memories one single photo can hold. I may have to dig up some of my old school pics.

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