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Saturday, September 12, 2009

If I Had a Canvas As Big As the Sky

If I had a canvas as big as the sky

I'd paint the cloud shadows as they slide slowly by

or a cool alpine vista broken only by trees

and the reflections of mountains where their feet touch the sea

If I had a canvas as big as the sky.

The glory of the sun as it bursts from the earth

And fierce summer storms behind the peace of a church

or white cloud streaks trailing 'cross a background of blue

The turn of leaves as the wind passes through.

If I had a canvas as big as the sky.

When we were in Alaska, the phrase "If I had a canvas as big as the sky" streaked through my mind along with some other thoughts I wasn't quick enough to catch--I'm sure they were brilliant! I wrote it down and waited for a chance to use it. I took all the pictures and super-enhanced them. The one of the church steeple isn't very good because it was taken with my phone's camera, but the clouds and sky were so awesome I couldn't pass up the photo op!


Anonymous said...

Love it! Did you write that? Your pics are wonderful.
Love ya P

Keetha Broyles said...

Did you write the poem?

It is wonderful and the photos to go with it are stunning.

Shasta said...

Gorgeous! I could so picture myself in several of those pictures!

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