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Friday, September 25, 2009

It Takes Two, Baby

Sarah was in need of a chair to use for portraits. It needed to be lightweight enough to carry in the car and use for outdoor shots and a neutral color that wouldn't to distract from the portrait subject. And did I mention it also needed to be cheap??

So you know where we went to look for cheap! Not Necessarily New of course. She found this chair for 5 dollars. It was pretty sturdy and looked easy to recover.

I thought burlap might be an interesting and neutral choice. But, sadly, no.

Watch where you're pointing that gun, Sarah!
(please ignore the strange reddish cast--can't seem to fix it!)

Don't staple my fingers!


*Another home improvement project brought to you by the design firm of Castor and Castor!


Sarah Castor said...

Haha! Lovely!

Andi said...

Does it blend well with a field of eggplants? do they even have those near you?

Rechelle said...

Sorry Dawn. If you send it again - I will post it correctly. I am not sure what happene, but somehow I got it terribly wrong!

Rechelle said...

Nevermind Dawn - I snitched the photo off of your blog. It's up correctly now.

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