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Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Lovely Saturday

Molly took off for Chickasha while we were gone with the Senior Adults and we were too tired to do our usual Saturday routine of get up early, go to McDonalds for breakfast, then hit the garage sales. But being home alone was too quiet!

I suggested that we go fishing at Boiling Springs and it didn't take long to load up the tackle box and the dog and head north!

But we had a problem! All of our stuff is for catching big fish. And at the little lake at Boiling Springs, (Shaul Lake covering 7 acres, if you're interested in minutia) there's plenty of fish--but they are of the perch variety with little mouths. There were a few flies with tiny hooks in the bottom of the tackle box that we weighted but the sunfish weren't interested in them. A group would swim up, give the hook a look-see and leave! We weren't too disappointed because we had a catch and release plan in place before we left the house!

The day was too beautiful to waste so we decided to abandon the fishing and take a walk down to the river.

I was playing around with the picture editor software and oversaturated this one (on purpose!) but I think it looks kind of like those old time-y picture postcards. Have you tried Picasa? If you use Blogger, you already have a Picasa account. It is free to download the picture editing software and is super easy to use.

A boy and his dog. They stayed on the bank while I shed my shoes and socks and wandered up and down the river bed a ways. That way, I'd be rescued should I find myself in quicksand or bitten by a water moccasin or chased by an angry mother hippopotamus. Oh. Wait. Wrong continent....

Cool, cool water.

There were tons of minnows and dragon flies!

I saw lots of tracks while wading in the water. Turkey, large dog (or wolf, if you want to stir the imagination!) deer, racoon, small child (or ancient human), cow (buffalo?). It was fun wading along and looking for signs of other animals. Except for that stick that looked curiously like a snake winding it's way down the bank.....

The world's most spoiled dog. But awfully cute too! Daisy whined when I took my little walk alone. She was worried about me. But she doesn't like water to wade in and Les didn't want to clean her up if she got muddy.

It was a great day and I'm so glad we took the time to go. Maybe we can 'not go fishing' again next weekend! But we'll have to hurry--Fall's coming!

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Andi said...

Lovely pictures...I had a lovely day with your girls!

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