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Sunday, October 11, 2009

All my junk

My good junk is good for something! That stuff that I can't pass up because it's only a quarter?

It did come in handy! We had a Woman's Ministry Lunch at church Saturday and my friend Gayleen suggested we decorate our table with a sewing theme--"Since you have all that stuff in your spare room." she said!

You must click on the top picture to get the full effect! Lori made the cute plates by threading ribbon through holes punched in Chinet and Gayleen came up with the awesome idea of using pattern pieces for placemats--since we hadn't thought that far ahead anyway!

And all those hand embroidered pillowcases that I buy just cause they are pretty? They turned out to be pretty cute chair decor!

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Becky said...

I did think that you guys had the cleverest table decorations. And you sacrificed them to the cause instead of burying them in a box (for safe keeping of course) and forgetting about them.

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