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Monday, October 12, 2009

Dream, Dream, Dream

Do you dream? I do almost every night and it wears me out! Les says he never dreams but I think he just doesn't remember them. These night time movies are sometimes vivid and sometimes so vague that there's just a tiny wisp of memory floating there when I wake up.

Some dreams are so scary that I wake up all sweaty and afraid to move. The theory is, if the monster thinks I'm already dead or asleep, it won't get me!

Some dreams I've forgotten about but something will happen during the day that reminds me of it and the 'story' will come flooding back.

I've been taking alot of cold medicine lately and that makes my dreams especially weird. Take last night for instance.

I was trapped in an apartment/house/multi-storied building hiding from someone. People were coming and going from the building. Some were hiding. Some were looking for the person. It was a continual movement of people, including myself, from room to room, simultaneously hiding and searching for this being. One of the people that kept coming into the apartment that both frightened me and fascinated me was pretty chubby--like cartoon/comic chubby. Everything was chubby and short--including his fingers and hands. He was like a blown-up balloon person on the verge of bursting. And somewhere along the way, I realized that he was the person that everyone was focused on. Eventually he got his chubby fingers cut off and then he became very polite, holding open the door for people with these bloody, dripping stubs.


I pretty much forgot about the dream until this afternoon when I was reading my daily blogs and found the source of the chubby fingers. Click here and be amazed by this carrot hand! I enjoy doe-c-doe's blog because she loves to purchase small items at thrift stores and create little vignettes with them which she then posts. The carrot hand was a departure from the norm and it sure stuck with me!

People say that your dreams have meaning. I tend to agree with that to an extent but my dreams so often relate to what I hear and see during the day that I can't believe they say much about my psyche.

Unless I notice tomorrow that there is a student at school with short, chubby fingers and has kind of a carroty complexion. Then I'm gonna worry about the subliminal messages I'm getting from him.

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