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Monday, October 19, 2009

Have you missed me?

We spent Fall Break camping at Canton and I have not used the computer since Wednesday! Can you believe it? And I only took about 6 pictures and then Sarah took some so our most exciting moment did not go unrecorded!

Our friend Clint was so nice to loan us his travel trailer so we didn't freeze in a tent. I'm sure you're glad to hear that! The problem though with a trailer is that you 'need' so much more stuff! Like food and utensils and food and throw rugs and....food! You see, in the past, I took non-perishables--cookies, popcorn balls, bottled water, diet coke, snack food--you know, the important stuff that didn't require refrigeration!

This year we took eggs and flour and sugar and bacon and biscuits and spices and condiments...You're getting the picture I'm sure! And a cast iron skillet and a sauce pan and a wooden spoon and a whisk and a spatula and the list goes on and and on! Even a little trash can found it's way on board!

The weather was cloudy and windy sometimes but we spent time playing games and just spending time together. There were 31 in our group according to my mom's blog. Go read it. She's got a fun post today! This is the first year all of my siblings have been there and my aunt and uncle showed up.

Les' mom and dad came down one evening to partake of the 'meat' feast--deer k-bobs, grilled chicken and smoked sausage. Here's part of the group watching my brother-in-law Studmuffin (according to his wife!) cook k-bobs. My other brother-in-law (Oh Hot One according to his wife :)) supervised!

There was also the usual crew of old friends and neighbors. My parents have been camping with this group for at least 10 years and they are all people I've known all my life. Their kids are my age and we've got a long history together! Our moms were (and still are) in an extension homemaker's group together and I'm sure we kids could all tell some tales of what went on when the ladies were meeting and we were banned from the house till Kool-aid and cookies were served! That's one thing that is so fun--spending time with people you've known forever and they still (hopefully) love you!

We let Jake go with us. Ha! Let him! I'm not sure if Sarah would have gone if he'd have stayed home! I was really hoping for an awesome fishing year for him but sadly, the fishing was just pitiful. We did find out that boy is cold! Look at him huddled up to the campfire with his big coat on!

Tune in tomorrow for pictures of me wading in the lake. Yes! In October!


Sarah Castor said...

Haha! I was actually surprised by how often he was cold! Lol! He did say he loved the colder months cuz he loves to wear lots of warm cloths but I guess I didn't realize that it is somewhat mandatory or something! Maybe my lack of desire to wear lots of layers makes it possible for me to stay warmer longer. Lol! And maybe he was colder than he would have been because he was sick the week before. And maybe he is freezing in this picture because he isn't cuddlin up with me! haha! And I probably would have went if he wasn't able to, however, I think it was more a matter of Jake was definitely coming whether anyone else joined or not! haha! He loves camping in campers now! I wouldn't be surprised if he went out and bought one! lol! I am excited to see the blog about the wading in the lake!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm what to call your other brother-in-law...the golfer...big Daddy...the Texan...the storm chaser...Oh Hot One...

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