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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Guess It's Cause I'm the (super)Mom

I have to do everything. Can someone please tell me why? Why? Why is so much expected from me? Is it because when much is given, much is required? (That's somewhere in the Bible. I think. Or I might have read it in another book. Or maybe I just made it up.)

I only went out on the boat one time. Two reasons--One: it was cloudy, cold and windy. Two: sometimes the boat had crazy people who flung water everywhere in it. Three: (oops, more than two reasons) I forgot my fishing license at home!

Then when I finally go out to enjoy the day and read a book and take a nap, my brother and my uncle ask me to check their jug lines. Really. I'm such a giver.

I say sure. We will check them and rebait them and throw them out for you. Not.

(Jug lines, by the way are fishing lines attached to floats--sometimes empty milk or laundry detergent jugs are used as floats--and baited with shad(little fish) on huge fish hooks to catch catfish)

Sarah and Jake checking an untouched line--see the dead fish hanging from the ginormous hook?

Did I mention it was windy on our Fall Break Holiday? The jug lines drift in the wind. They drift close to shore. That results in lots of string just floating around in two or three feet of water. The string is just waiting to wrap itself around the boat propeller. Then the hooks will get caught on something on the bottom of the boat and then the string will wind around the prop again, then you have a mess.

Which is what happened to us.

Did I mention Les hates jug lines????

So I decided I'd better roll up my umm pants legs and wade in the water (59.6 degrees according to the fish finder) and take care of the problem since the other people on the boat were sissies. Oh dear! I didn't shave my legs for this!

Ummm, Isn't the shore looking awfully close here?

Get to rollin' that string up, bub, or we're ALL gonna be wading!

Now. I've got. To turn. This boat. Around. By. My. Self.

I'll save these passenger if it kills me!

Hey look-- I've got my Old NAVY shirt on--get it--Navy--water--boat. Oh, never mind. I'm not gonna draw you a picture--forget it. No comments about the old part.

Jake offers me a helping hand and I'm back on the boat and I didn't even get my pants wet. And the pant legs didn't get wet either!

Another crisis averted by SuperMe!

What would my family do without me???

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Sarah Castor said...

Well... I wouldn't exist without you so.... yeah... I am very proud of your for not getting your phone wet in all of this! Quite a feat I must say! Good job!

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