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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I have no idea...

what to write about. I've had the flu/head cold/nasty bug or something since Sunday night and my brain is not working.

If my name were Sisera, right now I'd welcome Jael and her tent peg. (Confused? Read this) My head is full of enough pressure that I'm tempted to drill a hole between my eyes.

This afternoon I was feeling better so I stripped our bed, did some laundry, pulled the cushions off the couch and sprayed it and the bed with Lysol, and sprayed the shower and bathroom with bleach. I think I poisoned myself and family with that little treatment. I believe the disease might be better than the Lysol prevention.

Lysol. I can't even believe I have this stuff in my house. When I was a kid and we had the flu, my mom sprayed everything with Lysol, so consequently the smell reminds me of....how do I put this delicately?....Puke? Throwup? Vomit? What is the best word to use here? The least offensive? Offal? They are all just awful!

It doesn't matter what the Lysol can tries to tell me that the scent is. It all still smells like the old gold label spray can that to me smells like...that stuff.

So my nose is burning and my headache is back with a vengeance because I'm trying to kill germs.

Oh! I do have something to write about! Awhile back, I bought a box of Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Cocoa. I finally used some while making brownies this weekend. They are so decadently, chocolatey delicious. My cold has not quenched my longing for just one more bite of this yumminess. I was a chicken and only used half of the Dark Cocoa, using regular Hershey's cocoa for the rest. Les prefers box brownies (insert eye roll here) but he said these were great! Next time I will use only the Dark Cocoa. I don't think it will take us long to finish up this pan so I can try that out! I've tried other cocoa before by the way, but nothing beats Hershey's!

If you have a bag of Hershey's miniature bars and want to give some to me, I will be glad to take all the Dark Chocolate ones off your hands! Keep your Mr. Goodbars, your Krackel's, your plain Hershey's chocolate bars. Special Dark Chocolate bars will always be first in my heart!

I just went to Hershey's website to check the spelling of the Krackel bar (yes, I'm a fact nerd) and for your own health, DON'T GO THERE! They have terribly tempting recipes. Like Reese's Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip blondies. And Le Chocolat French toast. And English Toffee bars. And Autumn Peanutty Carrot Cake. And Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies. So I'm just telling you. Don't visit the website. Even if I post a link. Or two. Save yourself. Don't go there!

OK. I'm done. I've now officially written a post that includes both puke and recipes. Maybe I can have 'no idea' what to write about later.


Keetha Broyles said...

I don't need to read "here" I KNOW about Sisera and Jael!!! Have you read Francine River's book about Deborah? Good read.

Oh yes ma'am!!! I've read ALL of Jan Karon's stuff that I can get my hands on!!! Father Tim is my favorite. In fact, I'm rereading them right now!!!

"What DON'T you love, Kavanaugh?"

Andi said...

I love the gooeyness of boxed brownies. But, I'm always willing to try a new brownie recipe...bring'em camping!

Sarah Castor said...

I don't know how, but you got my boy sick! :( He texted me at 6:30 to tell me his mother told him to go to bed because he had a temperature of 102. Great... I'm glad you are better! If you still have some brownies left over, you might send some his way :)

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