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Friday, October 02, 2009

A Sweet Ride for Our Sweetheart!

Homecoming was this week at WHS. One of the traditions here, and likely in your town too, is to elect a Sweetheart and Beau to represent the different organizations, who then ride in the homecoming parade. Molly was chosen as Sweetheart for the Art Club, wore a glittery crown and got to ride in a sweet car with a cute guy! Here she is in her crown, showing off the the perfect queenly wave!

Tom, our friend from church, graciously provided the sweet ride for the sweetheart! Here they are, posing with his black 1947 Ford. This is the car he and his wife owned when they were first married. When he repurchased it, it was a shell of its former shelf, riddled with bullet holes and covered in rust.

Note the awesome black and gold tutu Molly is modeling--
It was just part of the amazing fashion extravaganza
that could be found at school this week!

Tom has been rebuilding it and although it is not quite complete, it runs smooth as silk and has comfy seats, a shiny chrome dashboard and an awesome sounding horn!

Thanks Tom, for sharing your awesome car and taking care of our sweetheart! Hope you had as much fun as she did!


Coloradolady said...

Wow...your friend really was nice to give the sweetheart a ride in the parade....lovely girl and she looks spiffy on that nifty ole car.....

Kara said...

She looked great at the parade! Loved the car too!

Andi said...

Fun! Hey, I keep meaning to say I like your new border!

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