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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Today we are having a wedding shower at my house for a good friend's son and his bride.  I volunteered to hostess it and while deciding what serving dishes to use, I realized I might have had a selfish ulterior motive!

I guess I'm still a little girl at heart and the truth is (you may have already guessed!) I love to play house!


I had a great time arranging and rearranging the dining table! 

I just couldn't decide whether to go rustic or elegant or country or .......

But I did decide I definitely want more silver.  I love the silky feel it gets when polishing it and I love the weight of it in my hand when using it and love the way it has kind of a buttery yellow depth although the color is silver!  I just have a few spoons (used here for props) that I found various places. 

And this china is Homer Laughlin from the twenties or thirties.  I bought four bowls and nine desert plates for 25 cents apiece at Not Necessarily New when Molly had her first tea party.  They are squarish round (!) and the trim is silver and I love them!  Have any of you ever seen this before?  I've looked online without much luck.

Have a great weekend and congratulations Dustin and Melody on your marriage!


Andi said...

But which setting did you use?

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Replacements.com? They have just about every pattern of dishes and tableware.

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