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Monday, October 26, 2009

That's Good?

I got up really early since the alarm went off at 5:45.  That's good!
No, that's bad, because Sarah was already supposed to be up and getting ready and she was still fast asleep!  Oh, that is bad.
No, that's good, because we stayed up late (1:15 am!) watching paint dry!
Oh, that's good!
Well,  the painting part should have been finished earlier in the day. Or week.
That's bad.
Yes, but it's also good because we have some great conversations late at night!
That's good!
Yes, but neither of us are morning people.  That's bad.
I'm really glad this is a good hair day.....
That's good.
Because when I got to school I realized I had not even brushed it this morning!
That's really bad!
But on the bright side, I did remember deodorant!!!
And that's good!

Thank heavens for that emergency kit I keep stocked!

*I'm copying off of Suzanne McMinn this morning from Chickens in the Road blog!


Sarah Castor said...


Becky said...

In case I failed to mention it on your other post (I did in fact fail to comment) you are super, supermom, superlibrarian, superstar, superblogger, superfriend...hope I didn't leave any out!!

Andi said...

Why was Sarah home? Did she finally convince you to let her quit school? :)

Do you need an emergency for chocolate?

And who brushes their hair?

And finally: Imitation is the best form of flattery!

Marilyn said...

How funny. Nothing like burning the midnight oil.

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