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Friday, December 18, 2009

Hidden Pictures!

We've never been surprised that Sarah chose to major in art.  She's been drawing and creating since she was big enough to hold a crayon and coordinated enough to wield scissors and apply tape.  We used to call her the tape queen.  She hoarded possible art supplies.  At one time she had hundreds of toilet paper rolls! 

Here's a portion of a Christmas book she wrote for  me when she was ten.  The book contained a story, this picture, a couple of pages of 'lift the flap' pictures and a diary section.  It was bound in brown craft paper. 

Go ahead! 

See if you can find: a doll, a car, a light bulb, a red orndment, a red gift, gold string, yoyo and baby JEZUZ?


Hilary said...

How neat! What a great picture. What a sweet little face. I found them all but the light bulb. Are those two giant spoons overlooking baby JEZUZ?? Cute-Cute!

Hilary said...

Oh and I love the pic from your last post. I agree-there must be some sort of whitener on some Santa-cams!

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