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Monday, December 07, 2009

Thrifty Treasures!

Some good friends of ours recently moved several hours away.  We loved them both, but Laura was a girl after my own heart, loving thrifty, vintage treasures and crafty projects!  She bought lots of bits and pieces for someday and some project!  You might have guessed I have a closet full of that stuff myself!

I went thrifting and treasure hunting Saturday morning while Les did his solo flight.  I had made mental plans to thoroughly clean my shower.  Then I realized I needed milk for breakfast so I took off for the grocery store, but my car carried me to Main Street instead and I ended up in Not Necessarily New and the Mercantile Antique Mall.

How'd that happen?

Laura may have moved but she still has a booth in the mall,  where I found a cute little suitcase filled with treasure!  This shot contains just a few bits and pieces.

Molly was so excited to get all these jewels!

So far, she's made these two cute hair bows out of vintage pins and that's only the beginning of the crafting possibilities the suitcase contains.


I found a treasure for myself at Not Necessarily New.  When I was in college, my grandparents let me have some wool suit coats of my grandad's from the forties and fifties.  I wore them all the time and got tons of compliments on them.  Then I had kids and outgrew them and got into a frumpy mode and for some bizarre reason, I got rid of them.

I've been kind of sad about that, so imagine my delight in finding a jacket that looked just like one I used to have!  Who knows, it might even be the same one! 


I wore it to school today and l-o-o-o-v-e-d it, just like I thought I would!  


Marilyn said...

Well, let me tell ya, Molly looks like Sarah in that position. I had to think about it and knew that Sarah was at Andreas over the week-end.

Andi said...

Why do we all raise our eyebrows when we take our own pictures?

Cute stuff!

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