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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

When a Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

So what do you see when you look at this photograph?  Two little girls eating dinner at the table and almost ready for dessert, right?

I was looking at these pictures and zoomed in, just playing around.  I don't know if this was my sister's birthday cake or just a regular daily dessert (yes, that blond tyke is my sister!).

You can see so much stuff when you're looking at pictures.  Edges of things you can barely see in the photograph, but you have a perfect image in your mind's eye.  I see the frosting covered spoon on the table and you can't zoom in enough to tell, but I can also see the star pattern on the handle of the spoon.  I see the edge of a booster seat I'm sitting on, but can't recall it at all.  I see the high chair my sister is in and recall the grain of the vinyl used to cover the seat.  I can remember on the edge of the table where the formica was pieced--right about where I'm sitting.  I recall the gold stardust design in the formica.  I also remember that by the time the kitchen was remodeled, the formica was worn to plain white in places around the sink!  I remember our old refrigerator and how, when it became nicked and chipped around the handles of the freezer and refrigerator portion, my mom cut a design out of  woodgrain ------  to dress it up.  And when I think of that refrigerator, I think of refrigerator magnets shaped like fruit. 

And I see these plates I had 'forgotten' about!

If you look over my left hand (clasping a star studded fork!), you can see the door that went into the utility room before my parents remodeled our house and you can also see where the paneling meets in the corner.

A corner that was very convenient to my mom.

A corner that stunk. My mom willingly sprayed Lysol in it to make us happier.  Probably why we have respiratory problems today (haha.  Just kidding Mom!)

A corner that was frequently inhabited by me, my sister or my brother.  Sadly, my youngest sister did not experience this corner.  It was gone before she was big enough to stand in it.  Not that she had to stand in corners because she NEVER GOT IN TROUBLE because she was the youngest and we babied her. 

Happy Birthday to Andi (not the blond tyke in the above picture!).  Have a terrific day!

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Susan said...

Dawn, I love pictures like these and the stories they tell. And babies-of-the-family rule! Yeah!!

Andi said...

Thanks. No, I didn't get in trouble, but I was behind David, and any thing I did was mediocre compared to him...And being the baby does rock!

Marilyn said...

i don't ever remember spraying the corner with Lysol. I might of because you always said the corner stunk. I never did know why. I think it might have smelled like lemon oil or maybe just paneling.

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