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Saturday, January 16, 2010

How to Eat Fried Worms

I mean Apples.  I just thought I'd tweak Google a little--see how many people visit checking the worm status.  Or the movie.  Or the book.

But  how 'bout them apples!  Do you ever have apples that have sat in the lovely fruit bowl on the counter for a while until they get old--as in wrinkly?

When that happens, you've got several choices:
--Throw them out--wasteful.
--Dry them in the oven--time consuming.
--or my personal favorite--Make Fried Apples!

Gather your ingredients:

Apples (of course) at least one per person
Butter (of course) because it's healthier than margarine and just plain old good!
Brown Sugar (of course) because white would just not be as pretty


Drop a couple of tablespoons of butter in a sauce pan or a frying pan.  (I typically use our cast iron one because it makes the sauce all caramely and good.  But Les is frying bacon, so I'm using a sauce pan.)  Melt the butter a bit, then slice up the apples.  Don't forget to peel off the label, but if you do, it will slide right off the skin as it cooks!  Then you can fish it out later.  BTW--don't peel the apples.  This is an easy-to-prepare dish and the skin is good for you!


After the apples cook for a bit (stir them occasionally) sprinkle in a couple of handfuls of brown sugar.  You will want to also put a couple more tablespoons of butter in.  Measurements are very precise!  Yes, I kid!  Isn't that apple yummy looking with the melting butter and brown sugar and the way the edges are browned.  This is so-o-o-o-o-o good!


I usually leave the lid on the pan as the apples cook, stirring occasionally.  The apples cook faster.  When it is about time to serve the rest of the food, remove the lid and  let the juices cook down and caramelize.  This doesn't take long--be sure and watch it or you might have apple candy.

Did I say be sure and stir with a wooden spoon?  This is necessary.  It is important to get the full, traditional, old-fashioned yumminess by using a wooden spoon.  It is even more necessary than the cast iron skillet.  Why?  Because that's the way I've always done it!  And the spoon doesn't get hot if you forget and leave it in the pan!  (ignore the gaping black hole in the back of the picture--we were frying bacon and the fan cover became greasy and needed washed)


Fried apples are perfect with any meal.  Tonight for supper we had bacon, biscuits and gravy, biscuits and homemade jam and of course apples.  And milk in a jelly glass.  And coffee.

Hey--I finally found a homemade biscuit recipe that Les likes.  He is a canned biscuit man (yuck) but Suzanne at Chickens in the Road, posted a Drop Biscuit recipe that is to die for.  Try it--it's easy with no rolling out and it's probably the best recipe I've tried in a long time!

Do you have a cast iron skillet?  When I was growing up on the farm and we fried everything (just kidding) we used an iron skillet all the time.  My mom has several--each one heavier than the one before!  I hated them.  I hated lifting them, I hated washing them, I hated drying them on the stove, I hated them!   I swore I would never have one.  I would only use stainless steel or non-stick skillets.  And so, lo, many years passed and I got married.  And we had a stainless steel skillet and a non-stick skillet.  And they just didn't work as well for some things--like hamburgers and bacon.  Fried Squash and Okra.  Those things just didn't cook up as well in a thinner pan.

So I eventually ate my words,(praying no one would remember them) and bought my very own iron skillet!  I love it.  I even love washing it.  No scraping, no soaking, no scrubbing--if some food gets cooked on (like breading from okra) and wants to become one with the skillet, I simply put some water in it and set it back on the off (or on low), but still warm, burner spot, and by the time we're finished eating, the gunk has come free and the skillet just needs a little bit of washing!  And I'm building my triceps at the same time!

Other things I said I'd never do:
Color my hair
Criticize other's parenting
Have a bratty child (not a permanent bratty one of course!)
Go days without shaving my legs

Oh yeah, and I swore I'd never a marry a minister!  Hahaha.  Silly me!  


The Lumberjack's Wife said...

I need an iron skillet! I want to try that apple recipe . . . looks great! I bet my kids would gobble it up!

Marilyn said...

Nothing is better that fried apples and it is so easy. Great for any meal. And as for the cast iron skillet. I still use one when my hands will allow me to lift them. I use a smaller one now though.

Anonymous said...

What is the food next to the glass of milk? Looks like a pie?? Your mom can cook anything, and say "it is so easy"!!!

Andi said...

Speaking of coloring hair: I'm a redhead again. I colored my hair on a whim last night. Funny how I never said that I'd never color my hair. I think I was secretly dying to be old enough to drive myself to the store and buy me a box of hair color!

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