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Monday, January 18, 2010

The First "Most Embarrassing Moment"

It's funny what triggers a memory.  It could be a song, a car door slamming, or the scent of vanilla.  Senses play a huge part in triggering the brain.

When returning to the stage for instrumental rehearsal yesterday morning before church, I decided to take an alternative route, going up the back staircase from the choir room.  When I opened the door at the foot of the stairs, I surprised a friend adjusting her stockings!  She was glad I was a 'she' and I got a giggle at having caught her in the act. And I was transported back in time to this:

It was the year 1970.  The Beatles disbanded, Nixon was in the White House,and  Janis Joplin died of a drug overdose.  The Concorde made it's first flight, the voting age was lowered to 18 and the first Mary Tyler Moore show was filmed. 

I was in first grade.  Mrs. Hoover was my teacher and the Lord's Prayer was said everyday right after the flag salute.

My momma  made me wear cable knit tights with my dresses.  Do you remember those?  They have a 'falling down' problem. 

One morning, my tights were falling down (every day, multiple times a day).  So I spontaneously decided in the midst of the Lord's Prayer while heads were bowed and eyes were CLOSED, I would fix the saggy tights problem.  (Hey--it's an oxymoron--saggy tights--get it?)  So with my dress hiked to my waist, I proceeded to pull those things up where they belonged.  I was all set by the 'Amen'--tights up, dress down. 

And then one of the boys said, "I saw up your dress.  I saw you pulling up your socks."

WHAT?  Why weren't his eyes closed?  My momma told me eyes should be closed for prayer.  He must not have listened!


Andi said...

Popcorn always calls out people who don't close their eyes during prayer. I guess she doesn't realize her eyes must be open to notice others eyes open!

Taylor said...

I went to a Christian school and we had to wear dresses with tights on Tuesdays.
I hate tights to this day.

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