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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Pixie Sticks, Picasa, Car Seats and a Band-Aid

Here's another '60s picture I scanned.  Isn't it odd how some turned this weird color with age? The sky is orange, Diane's cute plaid dress is a muddy color and our white socks are yellow.  Ewww.

I tried a bunch of ways to get the color to improve but I'm not proficient enough with fancy photo editing software to do much good.

So I opened it in Picasa and clicked "Black and White" and ...

Ta-da!  A much better picture of my mom in her bouffant hairdo that she fixed herself, my younger sister Paula, me in the middle and my cousin Diane. You can still see the scratches old Roscoe the hound put on the front door and I had forgotten that my grandparent's house (now covered with siding) looked like a Spanish hacienda! 

And what's that thing I'm holding in front of my face?

Remember those giant things?  If Mom bought this for me, it was probably the last one I ever had!  I distinctly remember a sticky car trip home when one of these got spilled on the vinyl car seat--possibly this very one!  Remember those days driving down the highway with no air-conditioning, your legs making puddles of sweat on the vinyl. 

I'm sure my sister was sitting in a car seat--one with hooks that hung it over the back of the seat like the one in the picture below.  I guess it was to keep the child from falling on the floor of the car?

Now why would my mom take a picture of me throwing a fit?  Someone once claimed I banged my head on the floor as a child.  I really can't believe that because I'm so laid-back now! I guess she knew without evidence no one would believe it...

 Ignore the crying child in the above photo and concentrate on the '60s awesomeness of the other stuff--geometric shapes and stars printed on the vinyl of the car seat and walker, turquoise and tan colors.  And what about the chair--how about that chenille-like upholstery?

Hey--upon closer inspection I see a bandage on the finger.  Was this the time my mom shut my hand in the car door????


Anyway, my point (do I need one?) to finish this rambling post...
Try Picasa.  It's fun.
Put your kids in a car seat and don't shut their fingers in the car door.
And if you give them Pixie Sticks, keep them outside.

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Andi said...

I love it. Does that shirt have a vest with it, or is it part of your shirt? Also, what is laying in the grass? They still make Pixie sticks, but they are smaller than a drinking straw.

Fun post!

The Lumberjack's wife said...

Love old photos! The black and white looks great. Where is Andi? Isn't she your sis?

Dawn said...

This picture was BAB--Before Andi was Born:) I know we look very close in age (heehee) but she is 11 years younger than I am!

Becky said...

You young thing, most of my little kid pictures are already black and white. Of course, when dad got the slide film camera, that all changed.

Relyn said...

I've been so busy doing nothing much that I haven't been around to visit my blog friends in too long. So, though my wishes are late, I mean them with my whole heart. May your year be filled with laughter. May all your surprises be happy ones. May you remember to count your blessings. May you know each day how very much you are loved. Happy new year, my new friend.

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