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Monday, February 01, 2010

Shaun, Donny and Leif

Did you ever read Tiger Beat when you were a teenage girl?  Well, probably not if you weren't a teenage GIRL but have you ever heard of it?

(Warning:  This post will end in a lame poem and I'm a bit embarrassed to even press Publish for this!  But it has to be told.  It is the story of millions of teenage girls--just change the name of the stars--and it might help you remember what a dweeb you were at age 14!  Not that you were--of course not!  But I was--just a little ittsy, bittsy tiny bit!)

In Junior High, my friends and I used to buy every one of these types of magazines--Tiger Beat, Teen Beat, 16, we weren't picky!  It just depended on who was on the cover! And 16 had posters! 

I'm looking at the above magazine cover and laughing at myself!  I'm definitely a testament to the powerful influence of marketing! It's amazing the stuff I learned and believed! from those things!

Donny Osmond--favorite color purple and loved purple socks!  He almost DIED when he needed an appendectomy (teen magazines always put words like 'died' in all caps to raise the shock factor and cause that's how 12 year olds talk!).

Bay City Rollers?  They chose their name by throwing a dart at a map of the U.S.--Bay City, Michigan!  They looked pretty clean cut and wore tartan trimmed clothes, sang with awesome Scottish Accents, but for some reason, they wore their pants unsnapped.  I privately thought it was weird but if Tiger Beat said it was cool, so did I!

Andi Gibb--"Does he need your everlasting Love?"  Listened to his record for hours, loving that Australian accent!  Envied Victoria Principal!  I always wondered if he shaved his chest?

Never saw a movie with Leif Garrett but, yes, I "really liked what I saw" and really wanted to "run my fingers through his long blond hair" the way the magazines suggested!  But I did own his 8-Track with "Surfin USA!" 

I entered all the contests for a chance to meet one of my favorite stars.  For one, I spent hours fixing my Dorothy Hamill styled hair and makeup and searching my meager (by today's standards) wardrobe for the perfect outfit (blue denim jumpsuit if you're curious!) so my mom could take a picture of my dynamic (brace enhanced) smile to impress.....someone....I can't remember who!

For another one, I wrote a poem to Shaun Cassidy.  "Be the Girl who understands him Best!" 

Here's what I remember:

Shaun I love you, yes I do,
Shaun I'm really wild about you.
You're the greatest one of all
Hope you feel at least ten feet tall.

Keep making.....(Movies? records? something or other) day after day
and everyone will know why I say:

Shaun I love you, yes I do,
Shaun I'm really wild about you.

Look at him shake his hair!  Looks like his brother David!  Do you think he kept my poem?  Do you think he saw my poem?  I hope not!

Sadly, I never won a trip to meet any celebrity but I'm happy with my own singing star--my husband!

Who was your favorite teen idol?


Andi said...

Did you actually save that poem? Or remember it, or what...Your brain amazes me.

Dawn said...

I remembered it. If I could only find the amazing amount of information stored in my brain, people would be in awe. the info is there! I just can't find it!

Marilyn said...

My teen idol----Elvis of course and Frankie Avalon, Fabian, Pat Boone, Ricky Nelson, to name a few.
I still have a 78 of You Ain't Nothin But a Hound Dog.

Anonymous said...

Mine was Zack from Saved by the Bell!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED Donnie...and felt it a personal favor from God that Andi was born on his birthday.

Shelley said...

Thanks for helping me re-live some memories of those days. Donny Osmond was my fav, but I also had David Cassidy and Bobby Sherman posters on my wall until my dad made me take them all down. It was the saddest day of my young life. I got to re-live some of my Donny infatuatin when he was on Dancing with the Stars. Kristy just commented about how 'old' he was. LOL....good times.

wannabe crafty said...

OMG!!!! I remember sitting in front of the tv with my cassette recorder trying to record this song. Shaun and Scott Baio were my favorites. thanks this was fun.

Sarah Castor said...


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