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Monday, February 01, 2010

Just some thoughts I had

Did you watch the Grammy's last night?  I watched about 10 min. of it and saw Pink perform a hauntingly beautiful song on one of those ariel silky rope thingies ala Cirque de Soleil.  (sorry, I'm not pop culture minded.  I don't know the song, the words or what those thingies are called).  The performance was gorgeous and amazing.  She flipped and twisted in midair with a mic in her hand (lip-sync? They say no) while dripping wet then dismounted from the thing gracefully.  Almost nekkid.   Which in my opinion marred the whole thing.  Yes, the song was called "Glitter in the air" and I realize you don't wear some drapey thing while suspended like that but really....  When she finished, the audience was standing in awe--tears in their eyes, hands clasped as if in prayer.  Weird. 

Then I watched the Black-Eyed Peas perform some electro-techno song with robotic dancers, strobe lighting and a huge electronic billboard flashing hip-hoppish sounding words.  I had a flashback of Logan's Run from the 70s.  Remember that?  The people were fascinated by hero worship of whomever was occupying the limelight Everyone was absorbed in self-pleasure.  Seems like we as a society are almost there.

Did I say I don't watch tv, listen to the radio or pay attention to pop culture?  Do you know why?  Too depressing and disturbing. I have this fear of computer chip implantation that will be put into effect any day now.

On a lighter note:

Men see women in tight clothes.  Women see women who haven't accepted that extra ten pounds.

Have a terrific Monday!


Hilary said...

Hmmm...I saw just a few minutes of it also, but not those few minutes. Makes me wish I had though.

Cute...on your last little thought.

Marilyn said...

And athat is why I don't watch them. Our entertainers have become so absorbed in themselves that they don't care how they look to people with values. i have given up on them.

Andi said...

Also: Did you know women consider pantie lines gross, while men find them attractive?

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