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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Weird Stuff I Know

When answering all those questions children ask, (sometimes with a sarcastic tone of voice, depending on the question)  I've learned a thing or two.  I can't necessarily recall this information when needed. Some facts may not be quite correct.  Some may not even be facts!  But all this stuff is stored in this 'great brain' of mine!

I know:
--Elizabethans loved to have very pale skin so they used white makeup.  Made of lead.  Which ate holes in their skin, causing them to need more makeup.  They also plucked their hairline to achieve a high forehead to look more intelligent.
--Powdered buffalo dung was used as an absorbent in Native American infants diaper area.
--The call number for books on Vietnam is 949.704.
--Young Adult authors, Scott Westerfeld and Justine Larbalestier are married and split their time between Australia and the US.
--George Washington was an elitist who thought he was all that.
--Atheism is not a religion and there are, in reality, very few people who conform to the definition of atheists.
--Otto Titzling wasn't a real person.  Thomas Crapper was.
--The Texas Rangers were formed in 1835 and in 1935 became a part of the Texas Dept. Public Safety.
--Spirit Bears are a subspecies of the black bear--white in color.
--Vikings probably did not make it to Oklahoma.
--Coffee should be brewed at just the right temperature for the optimal amount of time to avoid it being bitter or weak.
--Amistad was the name of the last slave ship.
--Charlie Chaplin was blacklisted as a suspected communist.
--The hysterical girls who accused people of being witches in Salem might have been having hallucinations because they ate bread made with moldy wheat.

What crazy things do you know?


Keetha Broyles said...

I LOVE these random "facts." BTW - - - one fact which I happen to know is that a fact doesn't HAVE to be true, it just has to be able to be PROVEN true or false - - - you can have a false fact. SO - - - I say you DO have facts, ALL of them. ;-)

I LOVE the little teacher/librarian figure!!!! Where did you GET it? Is it part of a miniature of a library or something?

Anonymous said...

Love them!!! Miss you P

Freckled Hen said...

You are so smart! What about G Washington--tell me that is not true! I envisioned him to be humble and introverted. Perhaps you should try and be a game show contestant...like on Jeopardy or Millionaire. There is a guy from Wichita Falls on Millionaire tonight and tomorrow night (I think). Does that count for knowing a random fact??

Becky said...

Okay, I've spent the last 45 minutes catching up on your blogs, I had forgotten how much I love reading them, but the computer and I have not spent much time together lately. Love the quilt block and I just realized I may have some useless information in my brain, but at this moment, I certainly can't retrieve any of it! And of course, I was in love with those rebellious (hair touching the collar) Beatles (especially Paul, of course) and wish I still had the bubble gum cards I collected with their pictures on them.

Anonymous said...

I think you spelled justine l's name wrong. Also i think she is from new zealand.

Dawn said...

yep, I misspelled her name. Nope, she's an aussie. according to her blog.

Marilyn said...

I know a lot of wierd things too. I know that Thomas Crapper is credited for making the first flush commode, which he did not. He did several improvements on them. He was a plummer. I also know that Panama hats were made in El Salvador.

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