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Friday, March 12, 2010

More Old Books

I purchased Excursions in Fact and Fancy at the thrift store.  It's a 7th grade reader from 1949.  The selections are interesting. I'm ashamed to say that the vocabulary seems to be at a higher level than we currently use.

There are stories about history, cultures, and sports.  Many of the stories are excerpts from novels by popular authors of the day.

Of course it includes poetry!  Here's a poem for March!

I've had this copy of Wood's Stories of Animals for a long time.  The pages are very brittle and yellow.  There is no copyright, but it is inscribed in the front, "presented by Uncle Gil, Dec 25-05.  It's kind of a strange book, in a newspaper or magazine format. 

The stories are not arranged in any sort of order and some of the pictures are nice and some are poorly drawn. 

This is another school book.  All Around Us is a science text book from the 40s.  It's missing some pages, and there's hardly any words--It must have been for non-readers or early readers--perhaps first grade?

The pictures are charming.

Wouldn't these be terrific framed?

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Anonymous said...

So cool! I love them. I really like the picture books.

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