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Monday, March 15, 2010

Yay! It's Spring Break!

I lined the living room book shelves with new paper.  When we moved in, it was just plain brown, varnished wood.  And our decor is definitely not plain, or brown!  I eventually used double stick tape on leftover green and white striped wallpaper for backing to brighten it up. The wallpaper was heavy so it soon began to sag.  I liked the color, but not the wrinkled droopy look. I can't do anything about my bodily issues but I wanted to fix the shelves!  Shoving books up tight against the back didn't help that much!

This beautiful (I defy you to contradict that description!) red and white damask printed paper is clearance Christmas wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby. 

Red + Clearance = Happy!

Perfect to show off treasures, family and friends!

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