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Friday, April 23, 2010

Read this book! The Husband Tree

I always wait eagerly for the next Mary Connealy book.  Her stories are filled with believable drama, endearing and enduring characters, and laugh-out-loud moments.

Belle Tanner buries her third worthless husband gladly when he dies falling off the roof of their ramshackle house. She vows that she is finished with men and she and her four daughters will be just fine on her Montana ranch.  After all, she has been doing the work of a man ever since she claimed the place.  Belle may be a woman, but she can build fence, raise cattle, and break horses far better than any man she's encountered so far in life.  But then Belle discovers a large group of her cattle hiding away in an upper valley she hasn't checked for a year and realizes if she doesn't get them driven to market and sold before winter, there won't have enough hay for such a large herd.  And although her three daughters have the knowledge and willpower to help her drive them, the market is on the other side of the Divide at the end of a long, grueling cattle drive.  They will need more manpower.  But when Belle goes to town to hire some cowboys, she can't find any trustworthy ones available. 

Enter Silas Harden, chivalrous drifter and shotgun-marriage escapee.  He's been burned by women and swindled out of his land claims.  But in spite of his previous bad experience with women, Silas can't allow Belle to attempt crossing the mountains with only her three girls to help

Silas appears to be a strong, hard worker, who has the misfortune (in Belle's opinion) to also be handsome and she almost doesn't hire him.  But it is close to the end of the summer and she must take what she can get to help her save her herd from starvation and drive it across the mountains.

Silas turns out to be a tireless worker and as Belle and her girls get to know him, they discover a caring, honest man who disproves all the previous ideas the family of women had about men.

Can Belle keep her vow and stay single?  Will Silas ignore the tug Belle and her girls have on his heart and leave them behind when the cattle drive is over?  Will Belle's four willful daughters allow the two of them to....

Saddle up for this cattle drive with Belle and Silas and see what happens!

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Becky said...

I think I am going to have to try out this author. I just have to add, why do you need to go wedding dress shopping when you have those dresses in your previous post. I think you should also wear a tiara, wish I would have thought of it when my girls got married! After all, the mother of the bride is the original queen.

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