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Monday, April 26, 2010

Molly and the Bronco

We went to Edmond Sunday night for a banquet honoring recipients/members of the Leader's of Tomorrow group.  They are giving Molly scholarship money so it was the least we could do!

I was bad.  I texted my friend for awhile.  I had to.  She had worked so hard as prom sponsor last week and I was concerned for her well being!  It was the least I could do as a friend!  We texted back and forth for awhile about whether she should get a wheel chair to ease her 'prom preparation' abused feet...And whether she should buy some really expensive shoes....and I told her what we were doing.  And eating.  And how cold it was in the ballroom. 

Then I was bored so I took some picture of the surroundings.  Cause really, I was just making memories for Molly, right?  And I turned off the flash, so I was hardly disturbing anyone!

And if I hadn't taken these pictures, you wouldn't have believed me if I told you that those ugly geometric designs on the outsides of Cold War era buildings (ok, 50s...) are really lovely when the setting sun is shining through and they are partially obscured by sun shades.


Then I wanted to take an artsy picture of the program with Molly's name in it!  I even added an arrow so you wouldn't miss it!  By the way, there were about 950 applicants for approximately 50 scholarships--one of which my daughter received!  Woot!  Not that I'm bragging.  That would be in poor taste.  (because picture taking and texting during a banquet are not of course!)

And of course we she needed a picture of the school mascot and colors, right?

Then a picture of her listening intently to the speaker

And before we left the ballroom, there was the photo op with Molly and her future room mate and fellow Leaders of Tomorrow member.

On the way home, Molly was looking at my pictures and noticed that there was an amazing resemblance between her profile and that of the Bronco....

I guess Molly and UCO-- it was meant to be!


Anonymous said...

Love her hair!!
So exciting . . . off to college! You are having a big year! One getting married, one going to college! :)

Andi said...

The resemblance is uncanny.

What a great mom, being so devoted to every aspect of your daughter's life...That's kinda like me and softball.

Freckled Hen said...

Congrats to your daughter! She is very pretty-I love her hair.
Hope you are having a good week...

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