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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yes, It was a Satisfying Day!

It was 90 or so degree today and I worked in the flower beds till it was too dark to see.

Yes, I have gloves.  Yes, I should have worn them. 

Yes, my hands look very sad and neglected.

When I was younger, perhaps 21-ish and just engaged, my hands looked like this:

Without that particular ring of course. That is my daughter's ring! 

What?  I didn't tell you?  My best friends, some of whom I've never met? 

Sarah is engaged to a kind, handsome and wonderful, Christian guy who lives right here in our home town! 

Which means she will move back here to live forever and ever near her parents!

Have I ever told you how wonderful Jacob is?  Besides having terrific taste in girls and living here and being an awesome jewelry selector, he laughs at my puns and gets my jokes! 

Or at least acts like he does. 

Did I mention he's smart too??

Go check out Sarah's post today to read of her excitement in wedding planning and to view a very funny video!


thelumberjackswife said...

Congrats to Sarah and Jacob!!!!

Sarah Castor said...

OH.... we could all just go on and on about him! Isn't he just he greatest! :D *sigh with dazzed pricess like day-dream state of an expression...

I am just truly blessed by God is what it really comes down to!

Word Verification: ressess - that's two recesses!

Andi said...

That IS a good day. I plan to plant potatoes and onions today.

Anonymous said...

I've been checking everyday for a new post. It makes me feel at home even if we aren't.


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